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The tankini is a comfortable option for those who don't want to wear a one-piece swimsuit or a classic bikini. They offer the lightness and comfort of a two-piece swimsuit while giving a feminine and stylish look like one-pieces. The Origami Bikini tankini styles provide complete comfort with a feminine silhouette, full forms, and décolletage, even when you're moving. The tops have adjustable straps in most cases, you can wear them on your shoulders or neck, depending on what feels better for you. The patterns and colors are also designed to be decorative.

Peacock T-965 Origami Bikini Peacock T-965 Origami Bikini 2
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Origami Bikini 2019.

Peacock T-965 Origami Bikini

Origami Bikini
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Origami Bikini D sized Tankini → Tankini combined with Halter triangle bra, moulded and removable D-sized cup, adjustable & attached straps. Fastens up at the back. Bottom: Origami Bikini medium-rise bottom with decorative thick waist. Bra size → Its bottom size: 40→40; 42→42; 44→44; 46→44. Produced sizes:...
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