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  •  With TR article (eg. TR-LTD-743): triangle trikini with push-up moulded cup, tied at the neck and back, adjustable middle. It is made with low-rise bottom.
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Jamaica Coral TR-LTD-743 Origami Bikini

Origami Bikini
Ft12,243.00 Ft17,490.00
New Limited Edition One Piece Luxury swimwear Origami Bikini triangle bra → Push-up moulded cup, tied at the neck and back, adjustable middle.Bottom: Origami Bikini low-rise panty with adjustable sides. In case of size 42 the top comes with the bottom sized 40.Produced sizes: Top:36/S,38/M,40/L,42/XL Bottom:36/S,38/M,40/L
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