Which Origami will you conquer with?

Some bikini trends come and go, while others keep themselves firmly in the forefront year after year. When designing Origami bikinis, we try to satisfy both needs: in the webshop you will find the most fashionable pieces as well as classic, timeless sets.

Others try, Origami conquer!
Sexy lace on the beach.

As with the dresses, lace mania also splashed in the swimsuit trends as well. Not only is this seductive solution for lingerie a long time ago - you will find a variety of lace bikini in Origami's 2019 collection.

Hint: If you are a leaner type, choose a top with lace-on-lace instead of lace.

The absolutely unshakable bikini trend: triangle top binding with panties

Do you like the classic line? Always a fashionable choice is the triangle top + binding bottom combination. If you still smuggle a little variety into your waterfront look, choose a swimsuit of different colors, patterns, and fabrics, or combine your existing bottom and top with each other. For example, on a white background patterned bikini top you can choose not only your own panties but also a plain white.

Hint: You don't have to give up the triangle-style with fuller breasts! You can find the ideal bikini with an extra cup size, you can find the ideal bikini from our removable cup ones where the neck straps can be comfortably adjust.

Remodeled fifties: here are the bandeau tops, stripes, fringes, pom-poms!

Bandeau swimsuits are comfortable and feminine at the same time, and the special, the arm bow versions are now in the forefront of bikini trends. If you think that you are going to get out of it, we'll tell you a secret: NO! In fact, it is very easy to sunbathe in them, because it is just enough to release the arm bows. Binding panties are not only decorative, but can also be comfortably sized.

Tip: If you want a simpler bandeau instead of the current trends, you will find such pieces in the 2019 Origami collection. Neckstraps can be tied up or even taken off, you decide how you wear them.

Beachwears: basic pieces in the holiday suitcase regardless of bikini trends

Go down to the beach in an outfit that speaks of divas: with braided bags, high-heeled slippers and a huge straw hat, beachwear is also stylish and practical. On a day out on the beach, you just drop them comfortably, and you can go super-style to any restaurant or cocktail bar to enjoy local food and drinks. Origami Bikini's 2019 beachwear collection is easy to combine with single-color and super-fashionable, ombre pieces.

There won't be more cute in the bikini trends: dress up with your little girl!

Is your girlfriend wanting to be like her mom? Choose a duo-set from our Mother-daughter collection and pocket your proudly smiling glory!

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