Here's the big summer beach horoscope! How do you swim according to your zodiac sign?

Is the Aries really screaming, the Taurus and the hysterical goblin, the Lion, drooling in water-drop mode? Read on to see if you know yourself, your friends, your family members!


Aries are very energetic, in some cases an impatient, glowing headache, but we also know other Aries who are panda-like! If you start spanking, you'll probably be late for the meeting. Even though he had been crashing up since 6 in the morning, he had done so much that he couldn't even remember to leave. There is a good chance that when you arrive, you will bring another person - totally random, your current partner or another friend - because, to quote him, "I had a program with him before, but I didn't want to cancel either ..." beaches are exciting anyway because you are definitely not sitting in one place: renting water bikes, beach volleyball, adventure park, aquapark, so you do everything.

Take this to the beach if you are in Aries:

The best way to express your energy is with a fiery red bikini, while the purer, athletic yet sexy ones are ideal for your agility. Check out our tips!


Arriving in huge sunglasses and high heeled slippers, he looks around and makes a judgment of the offer, then searches for the place halfway between the hot lifeguards and the best restaurant on the beach. After a discreet dip while embarrassingly taking care of your hair's health, the Taurus will of course ask the big question: WHEN and where do we EAT? Throughout the day, she sleeps comfortably on the mat almost rocking the mat, while re-dressing sixty times with the SPF10000000 sunscreen.

Take this to the beach if you are a Taurus:

You'll love your cool, feminine style on the beach too, so your sexy yet practical Origami Bikini will definitely be your favorite! Check out our tips!


There are two types of Gemini, which is not surprising as a double. The loose Gemini will probably be waiting for you at the beach entrance, in a swimsuit / swimsuit, you may not even wear slippers, and he will invite you to the beach entrance with a grin, but will also towel off. On the way, you're likely to be talking non-stop, all sorts. More specifically, IS about everything. Because he knows everything is - a little superficial, but chatter is just fine. The other Gemini extravaganza comes with thorough equipment: a tent, a refrigerator bag packed with food and snacks, but with a lounge chair (for yourself) and a ton of tiny air hockey and table football. If they went into the water, it would be as if he was covering the water with a medical attack, shouting "There's a party!"

Add this to the beach if you are Gemini:

Your excitement-moving nature requires comfortable tailoring, and your vibrant personality needs vibrant colors. Check out our tips!


As a respectful and caring man, there are 5 things essential for a Cancer beach: 50 Factor Sunshine for Kids, Flame Morning, Pancake Afternoon, Sand Castle Construction and LOTS of LOTS of photos. It can even be made with a polaroid machine, as this ticket is very important for tangible memories. It is not uncommon to arrange a beach in your own garden, that is, to purchase a garden pool, to heat the cauldron and the barbecue, and to "litter" the smaller and larger family, since he is a caring, communal man. In addition, many Cancers, who are surprisingly vain and hyperactive, fall from the runway to the beach and then try the water zumba.

Add this to the beach if you are a Cancer:

Look for feminine, clean shapes that look like water, sunlight and tropical nature - these are the ones that match your personality. Check out our tips!


You can't help but notice that when you go to the beach, your primary goal of living out the sunshine is even more intense than usual. He takes advantage of every opportunity to show off his fancy stuff, his coolest beard sunblock, his flashing trendy bikini, his panty-shaming bikini, and of course, all kinds of hair-protecting stuff, because he can't touch the holy mane and chlorine damage. Its comfort is sacred, so it takes advantage of all the beach's existing facilities, from a store of value to a sun lounger or a boat rental. All in all, it's not a bad company, if you need to, talk to, if you need, silence, and be extremely happy and relaxed from the moment the must-have fabulous photo is taken. Its natural living environment is poolside parties and multi-star hotels by the way - like the romantic beaches of Ibiza.

Take this to the beach if you are a Leo:

Don't skimp on the glitter or the glare! Vibrant colors, glossy materials, and styles that emphasize your body are worth choosing - is for it is a pity to deny this is you dear Leo. Check out our tips!


By the time you reach the shore, at least 647 times the nerve and panic scratching at what's important to stay at home, what to take on the shore, as soon as the sun runs out, there's no place in perfect halftone, no mosquito control , you won't find a healthy lunch, and anyway, you won't be able to step out of the crowd and risk being infected. If you manage to get over these, after a relaxing swim, you always check your phone to see if you have been looking for it. The "phone on the beach" topic is a serious spiritual issue for the Virgo, as her security-seeking side would pack it - or leave it at home - and the controlling man would constantly check to see if anyone was calling. Of course he is very attentive to sun protection, but he does not neglect a little aesthetic tan. Introvert is a super company as a beach-reading expert, especially when it comes to Agatha Christie!

Add this to the beach if you are a Virgo sign:

Practicality and material use are paramount to you, you love the quality and the pieces that accurately and perfectly represent your shape. Check out our tips!


She knows everything that is trendy in a given year: flamingo / donut / melon slice swimsuit and mattress, inflatable water float cup holder, large round braided bag and loose caftan. As a highly adaptable man, he wants to enforce the will of everyone, and is keen to set up a common agenda: how much to be in the water, when to eat, where to eat - to look at every cool place - and often to inflate mattresses and beach balls. Unfortunately, however, he can survive a serious failure if everyone fails to do the same good ... Because he is trendy AND even vain, he loves the gaze of fans and he will be the next Taurus to disappear smoothly out of the squad in the evening, summer flirting subject.

Take this to the beach if you are in Libra:

Be sexy, be trendy, be harmonious in color and form, and blend seamlessly into a complete set. That's how you choose a bikini. Check out our tips!


If you do not hate booze during the hot season, you are sure to get along the waterfront. He's having sex and flirting, turning around after all the more attractive sex of the opposite, as if he sees Hollywood celebrities, he is amazingly captivated by the sight of uncovered bodies - and he's not ashamed to throw away what he has. If you are not on a nudist beach, you will almost certainly be in black bikini. When dominated by the perpetually delicate little man of his life, he decides to rent a sailboat and continues the rest of his vacation with sunbathing, swimming and boiling photos of himself, while no one is guaranteed to disturb his vacation.

Take this to the beach if you're a Scorpio!

In addition to the black bikinis mentioned above, special shapes, mystical and ethnic pieces can be close to your heart. Check out our tips!


Sagittarius does not go to the beach, just for the sake of heat, temporarily living the life he would have lived anyway. For this reason, no one should be surprised if you arrange a business meeting beside the water, or even if you get bitten by 9am. She's sort of like her beach schedule: ordering an Aperol Sprite, enjoying life with her feet up, ordering a Tequila Sunrise, and discussing the big, big things in life. Of course, during these conversations, Sagittarius loves to twist the yarn to boast a little about himself, his intellect, and to close the end so he is always right. He swims, paddleboats, flames, strolls down the bazaar to see if he can take some totally unreasonable souvenir home, and Sagittarius - along with his Gemini companion - is sure to end the day with a relaxed dose of food and a special meal.

Take this to the beach if you are Sagittarius:

Comfort and self-identification are more important to you than alertness and over-radiance. Choose comfortable, natural-looking pieces. Check out our tips!


Capricorn often feels that it is terribly difficult to bear himself and life. This often results in a different environment, mainly due to its organizational and controlling mania. He doesn't like to spend a lot of money on bathing (either), and in this case (too) a real, traditional person: a blanket, a striped beach towel and a refrigerator are the three essentials. He prefers the natural environment rather than the artificial luxury environment, enjoys fishing on ponds or vineyards, and does not have to worry about providing the whole family with his vacation: hard-working, hard-working and very difficult to turn off.

Take this to the beach if you are a Capricorn:

Your taste is clear and usually quite definite - so you are a hard nut to recommend to you! Black, white and khaki colors and triangular bra can be your favorite. Check out our tips!


Anyway, just don't be traditional. If you can, Aquarius would rather swim at night - but if you can't, you can. Bath equipment ranges from absolute naturals to wild hippies: a ruffle, a scarf and a towel are sure to be in your bag, but it's not uncommon to find yourself in a strange swimsuit that no one has ever heard of. Because he has no real sense of fear, he is the one who is lifted out of the storks by warriors out of the storks before the storm - occasionally with Sagittarius mates - and chances are you will see Aquarius if he has a book, a language book or at least 3 books grass. She loves to have great intellectual conversations while having a drink on the water, and it is not uncommon for Aquarius to have really good ideas in such an environment.

Take this to the beach if you are Aquarius:

The bikini can be completely clean or psychedelic, spectacular and unique! Check out our “Aquarius” tips!


You don't have to tell the Pisces twice about the water and the "leash" - as these words come into play, you are already taking your stuff. Once he gets up, he goes down to the beach and leaves it only when he can't bear the mosquito invasion anymore. Everything you need for an enjoyable beach trip: rubber ball, pillow, sunblock, mattress, sandbox for kids - and it's not jealous to lend them to others. Of course, when you constantly want to eat-drink-walk-wake-up, your monster can be annoying, just like when you see him crying silently to the book you're reading. Surely he will be the one who takes the Beach entry for the Gemini, and, seeing the Libra, enthusiastically obtains a melon mattress.

Put this on the beach if you are Pisces:

Because your essence is water, blue and green are part of your palette. Also, as a romantic type, you love everything that is lace-up, drawn, ribbed or fringed. Check out our tips!

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