Others try, but Origami girls always conquer!

So it will be in 2020. too... Just look at this year's trend compass! The sign is: ALOHA!

# 1st Trend - Gradients in lots of shades

The transitions from the throne of fashion, glittering in all the colors of the rainbow in our new collection, are quite simple. Whether it's a bikini, beachwear, smaller sizes or feminine, sleek pieces ... And the coolest thing about this trend is that you don't have to compromise on colors, as your favorite shade is almost certainly one of Origami Bikini's!

If you really want extra effect, wear a gradient bikini combined with glittering material, and shine!

#Second Trend - High-waisted panties, a friend of feminine forms

If you have a feminine figure, have fuller fit, you will be delighted with the high-waisted pieces of the 2020 Origami Bikini Collection. Slowly but surely, Marilyn Monroe-style swimsuits have flourished into international trends - so the Origami girls can't miss them!

    • With classic patterns - from dots to flowers - you can get a real retro look with this pattern,
    • You can blend the concept of a trendy beach set with a gradient piece,
    • You may shine on the beach with a solid black high waist bikini.

# Third Trend - Lovely sexy dots

What is the pattern that gives a little girl charm at the same time and yet it can be so sexy that men get lost for it? Of course the dots! We couldn't miss this super pattern this year, and in some places we went crazy with bikinis with matching stripes. We've created every trend in a variety of colors with ever-trendy polka dots - find your favorite right now!
If you prefer a plain-coloured bikini, you can toss the waterfront outfit with a single movement with a polka dot straddress.
A little guideline if you are completely lost in the myriad of spots and the choice is difficult:

    1. For “Apple” shapes: A classic bikini or one-piece swimsuit is the most preferred;
    2. For “Rectangle” shapes: With a bandeau-style top and a low-rise panty can be a big favorite;
    3. “Pear” shapes: Bandeau can come with cool bottoms, but a bikini top with a collar will also looks beautiful;
    4. For “Hourglasses” shapes:  They can choose either a bandeau or a triangle top; high-waisted panties will give a classic, divan look to the beach.

#4th Trend - A comfortable yet wild one-piece: Origami has rethought it

One-piece swimwear, though they have gone tremendous over the last year and become one of the biggest trends, are rarely stylish, chic, or sexy. However, we have decided to show you how to become pretty wearing one-piece swimwear in the 2020. Origami Collection, without sacrificing the comfort of a swimsuit!

We made the one-piece swimwear more exciting with transparent inserts - and of course we dreamed of the most popular shades for you!

#5th Trend - Special tops from corset to mesh

Whether it is a triangular bandeau or a classic bra, bikini tops can always throw on with something! Origami Bikini thought so, thus 2020. became the year of special solutions. You don't have to worry about having one of these pieces for a year: at every trend, we make sure we don't just ride a hype, but create a wearable style for years!

Cool swimwear with laces:

Customized collar solutions:

Sexy mesh and holey tops

Wide parts on tops and asymmetry

# 6th Trend - Wildlife and military

Jungle safari on the beach? Why not! Wildlife and military patterns are also in a renaissance. In the 2000s, we thought in vain that they would never return, now they are here again and they are hotter than ever! We've combined them with athletic triangle and feminine bandeau tops, and you can choose these pieces with hips or higher panties. We have also rethought the usual colors, so you are sure to conquer them!

# 7th Trend - Dress Up!

There is nothing cooler on the beach than the mother-daughter sets! This year, too, we made fantastic girls' bikinis, capturing everything the little ones like: glamor, animals, geometric patterns ... And of course, the eternal dots ... What a few years ago was "too little girly", this summer has been all the fashion sensitive girl will love it.

#8th Trend - 2020 Hawaii - Eternal Tropics!

At the end, we have left this year's "thematic", which traces the entire Origami Bikini 2020. collection: the tropical style! It's the pattern and mood that is forever, every summer, over and over again trendy, never goes out of fashion and always conquers. No need to compromise this year, no matter what shape you have, you will find the tropical Origami Bikini that suits you, which will make you feel amazing!

Extra: This year, you can choose longer beachwear, real ocean pieces!

Keep watching! In addition to this year's featured trends, you'll find familiar classics in the 2020. Origami Bikini Collection!

Sportier pieces:

Stunning Origami:

Love, love, love:

Plus sizes in cool colors:

Beachwears for the waterfront walk:

Solid Color Classics:

Our goal is to make you feel the world is yours, when you wear the new Origami Bikini! Find your favorite bikini or one-piece swimsuit in this year too, and shine on the beach!

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