The concept and object of product reviews

With the reviews on the website, users can describe their individual experiences and opinions about the products. The review is free and in all cases moderated. The use, printing and downloading of the reviews on the site is only permitted for personal use. Any other use may only be made with the written permission of the site operator. The operator of the site, although doing everything in its power to protect the site, is not liable for damages caused by hackers, viruses, other malicious programs, codes, etc., for content, modifications, deletions, etc. included in the reviews in this form or by other intervention outside the website operator. Furthermore, the operator of the site is not responsible for the content of the reviews.

Users, data management

By submitting their ratings, users give the operator of the site an unrestricted right to use, duplicate, publish, distribute and, if necessary, modify their ratings. The ratings on this site are public, free and voluntary. Users can describe their opinion about a given product without logging in, or even by simply entering their “nickname”. However, the unauthorized disclosure of another person's personal data is prohibited. During the reviews, the name entered by the user becomes the responsibility of data management. You can find out how to handle the data in the TOS and Privacy Policy.
Users are obliged to comply with the hungarian provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right to Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information. Act (Info. Act.) and other legal acts.


The review is moderated before publication. The review will be modified or deleted if:
• it was not sent regarding with the product, its ordering, use, etc.… (eg hateful, obscene, incitement to insult, inherently infringing, or racist, insulting religious beliefs, etc.),
• contains advertising or has been sent for any clay profit,
• violates personal rights,
• contains a link
• infringes copyright or trademark rights.

Users waive their right to dispose of their rating by publishing the review, so they can no longer make any financial or other claims.