Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I select the right size when ordering? 

    You can only select sizes that we currently have in stock and are available for order. Anything you cannot select is not in stock.

  • How much does shipping cost? 

    Orders above 100/125/150/175 EUR are delivered free of charge! Below that the shipment cost depend on the country you order from. Please see Delivery & costs for more information!

  • Why hasn’t my order arrived?

    Our staff at the Origami Bikini official webshop does everything we can so that you can start wearing your bikini few days after ordering. If your order arrives before 12:00 on a workday, there is a near-100% chance that your package will be sent that same day. Exact shipping times can be found in the Delivery & costs.

    Our system continually updates you about the status of your order. When you receive an e-mail telling you that your bikini has been sent to you, you can be sure that we have handed your package over to the courier, and now it only depends on the courier to get it into your hands on the next working day, ready for use.
  • Why am I not getting a confirmation e-mail from the webshop?

     The following three are the main reasons people fail to receive their confirmation e-mails:
    • The e-mail address you provided was invalid or misspelled. If you registered, please correct it in your account settings!
    • Your inbox is full. In this case, you will not be able to receive e-mails for anyone until you free up space for more messages.
    • The e-mail was accidentally placed in your spam folder. Please check your spam filter and look among your spam/junk mail for the message!
  • Why is it important to try my brand new bikini over underwear first?

    We always emphasize the importance of this, because it allows us to replace your swimsuit for free one time (only the cost of sending it back needs to be covered by you), if the size or cut was wrong for you. Or you might be sending it back because you want to withdraw from your order. In either case, for hygiene reasons we can only accept the bikini back in the same pristine state we sent it to you. We take enforcement of this rule very seriously. You can find more about withdrawal and exchanges in the information menu.
  • Withdrawing from purchase – when do I get my money back?

    We will refund the price of your returned swimsuit within 14 days on average. Do not forget to provide a bank account number!

Top Sellers
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    15 490,00 Ft‎ -50%

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    15 490,00 Ft‎ -50%

    Origami Bikini P-608 New Zealand


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    13 490,00 Ft‎ -50%

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    5 490,00 Ft‎ -50%