The total as calculated in the order summary and confirmation letter contains all costs. The invoice is included in the package and in case of an electronic bill, will also be delivered by e-mail.

In case of payment by bank transfer, a request for payment will be sent after the order has been finalized, which can be used to pay for the order.

Our webshop accepts the following card types:

MasterCard (embossed)

Visa (embossed)

American Express (embossed)

Electron (non-embossed) With these cards, the issuing bank decides whether the card can be used for payment over the internet. In case bank has authorized internet purchases for the Electron card in question, we accept it as a form of payment. For more detailed information, please contact the bank that issued the card!

Maestro The internet payment interface of OTP Bank can accept Maestro cards issued by any bank. However, this requires the issuing bank to also support the use of its Maestro cards for e-commerce transaction purposes.

Please consult your bank!

For more information pls. read the TOS!

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