As a registered customer, you will receive rewards for each of your orders, which can be collected and redeemed at a later purchase. For each order, 5% of the price of the ordered products will be automatically credited to your account as a reward! (eg. HUF 500 for a purchase of HUF 10,000 or 5 EUR for a purchase of 100 EUR.)

Your rewards will be stored in your account for 180 days and offered for redemption on your next order. You can redeem all your rewards at once for any cart value. Redemption can also be combined with coupons.

Sign up! Rewards can only be collected in your own registered account.

Sign in! Only then can be visible in the product pages how much reward will received when ordering. So we recommend that you log in at the beginning of your browsing.

You can find the full rules of the loyalty program below.

The reward collected is only yours! Redeem when ordering to a brand new Origami product!

We are grateful for your loyalty!

The Origami team

VIP Loyalty Program Rules

➡️ Only registered consumers can participate in the loyalty program, who have a valid e-mail address and are considered adults. Our registered reseller partners are not eligible for the loyalty program.

➡️ Rewards are calculated based on the value of the cart reduced with the gifts and shipping costs. Gift products and shipping costs are not included in the basis for calculating the reward.

➡️ After placing a valid order, when the value of your order has arrived to us (usually 2-5 days), your reward will be credited to your account.

➡️ You can find the rewards you have collected in the "My rewards" section in your registered account.

➡️ Rewards can be redeemed during the ordering process for the goods which can be found in the online store at the checkout.

➡️ Redemption of rewards does not preclude the use of other coupons.

➡️ Each reward can be used for 180 days from the date of creation. We will send you a reminder email just before expiration so you don’t forget to use it.

➡️ Rewards can be converted into coupons upon redemption, which can be used for 30 days from the redemption.

➡️ There is no reward for canceled, change or non-accepted orders, or in case of withdrawal from the purchase. In this case, the credited reward will be withdrawn.

➡️ In case of partial withdrawal - so if you keep a certain product from your order, but withdraw other goods - the reward will only be collected for the retained product. In this case, the reward for the products affected by the withdrawal will be deducted from the amount credited or to be credited.

➡️ Unredeemed rewards and coupons will be canceled after the expiration date.

➡️ If you need help, contact us at our contact details! We're glad to help.

Collecting rewards

Rewards can be collected in both the Origami VIP Loyalty Program and the Affiliate Program, which will be credited to same reward balance.
In the Origami VIP Loyalty Program, rewards are credited automatically after logging in.

Our webshop may contain products and services for which there is no reward (eg souvenirs, gift cards, etc ...). This is why it is recommended to log in at the beginning of your visit to the online store, so that you can see on the product pages how much reward you will receive if you buy a product.

You will be notified by email when the reward is credited, redeemed and canceled.

❗ Important: There is no reward for products that are change orders, not accepted or canceled order, and in case of withdrawal! The reward collected in this way will be withdrawn by our system.

Redemption of rewards

You can redeem your rewards when you place your order. After logging in, our system will display the estimated reward for the given order and the balance of your rewards collected on the shopping cart page. The estimated reward is not yet final: redeeming gift products, gifts, shipping, and any coupons may reduce the amount of your final reward. When finalizing your order, the final amount of your reward will be recalculated by the webshop, which you can already see on the summary page. Our system will also send you an e-mail about this.

If you have reward on your balance, you can simply turn it into a coupon with the "Redeem" button. All you have to do is enter how much you convert into a coupon. You can then easily add the coupon to your cart with the "add coupon to my cart" button.

If you have additional unexpired and unredeemed rewards coupons, you will receive a message on the cart page that you can redeem them as well. Just also click on the coupon code and then "Redeem"!

When you redeem a reward, you will receive another reward for the amount over the amount redeemed! For example, if the value of your order is HUF 10,000, of which you pay HUF 2,000 from the reward balance: you will receive another reward for the remaining HUF 8,000.

Unredeemed rewards will be canceled after the expiration date. You will see the rewards collected several times in your balance, but when expired, our system will always delete only that reward amount what has expired. Of course the other, unexpired rewards will remain. We will send an email to the given e-mail address provided 1 day before cancellation so you've got a last possibility to redeem your reward before cancellation.

Other provisions

➡️Participation in the loyalty program is free. The reward goes to all registered consumers and is automatically credited. The consumer is not obliged to use the loyalty program, however, by exploiting its benefits, the consumer accepts the terms and conditions of these loyalty program regulations.

➡️ The rewards can not be exchanged for cash and are not transferable to another person.

➡️ Rewards can only be redeemed in the webshop.

➡️ If the operator of the online store introduces a new service, or if there are changes in its services or applicable laws, it may, in its sole discretion, modify, suspend, terminate, modify, or limit the Loyalty Program. Operator will send a notice in the webshop or e-mail at least 10 days prior to the change. If you do not accept the changes, you have the option to cancel your registration.

➡️You can opt out of the loyalty program at any time by deleting your account. In case of deletion, the remaining reward will also be deleted from our system, so it is worth redeeming it before cancellation.

➡️ Any misuse of the Loyalty Program, non-compliance with the TOS and Privacy Policy, any procedure or conduct contrary to the interests of the Operator may result in the deregistration of the account and disqualification from the Loyalty Program. In this case, the rewards collected in your Account will be automatically lost.

➡️ The condition for participating in the loyalty program is the validity of the user's e-mail address. Changes to a user's e-mail address in the account must be updated immediately. Our system will not be able to forward email to an incorrectly entered or terminated e-mail address, so information about the loyalty program will be omitted. The operator is not liable for any resulting damage.

➡️ The operator of the online store is not liable for any technical or system errors that have occurred, and for their consequences, loss of data, damages resulting from the suspension, termination or modification of the user account, except for liability that cannot be excluded by law. Furthermore, it is not responsible for the negligent management of your Account and, as a result, for unauthorized access to your account.

➡️ These Regulations are governed by the rules of Hungarian law. In matters not regulated here, the provisions of the TOS apply.