Important: This service is valid only for the goods shipped to Hungary.

We'd like to help you make sure that the product you have ordered is good for you, so that you can use it with happiness. If the product has not been good in size or style, we will be happy to replace it for you if we return it undamaged, unused within 14 days of receipt! Just send it back to our address and choose another one!

You can use our product replace service in case of delivery to the territory of HUNGARY.

❗In the case of the first replacement, we will bear the shipping cost of the resend, only the cost of the return is yours.


↪️ For the exchange, you can also use our "Return at a Good Price" service, which you can order here: RETURN AT A GOOD PRICE - WITH PACKETA

❗Of course, you have the option to make additional replacement within 14 days of receiving the replaced product, but we will charge the shipping cost for the second replacement.


▶️  ALWAYS USE PROPER PACKAGING! IF YOU ARE RETURNING A SWIMWEAR / FITNESS PRODUCT FOR REPLACEMENT, RETURN IT ONLY IN A BOX (even in our own box that you received)! SHIPMENTS CONTAINING SWIMWEAR / FITNESS PRODUCTS SHOULD NOT BE RECEIVED IN BUBBLE OR SMOOTH ENVELOPES! Swimwear / fitness products returned in envelopes or other soft packaging may be damaged, cups may wrinkle, and they may become unsold.

▶️  You can use our product replacement service within 14 days of receiving your order. However, please help us with our work and return the product to be replaced as soon as possible!

▶️ The product will be replaced when it is returned in its original condition, so:

returns in clean and impeccable condition,
not damaged or dirty (so it is important to try the bottoms on your own clean underwear!),
not used at all,
not washed, not rinsed and not used stain remover,
its cup - after return and unpacking - is not broken, (SWIMWEAR SHOULD BE RETURNED ONLY IN THE BOX - either in our own box in which you received the product from us. Swimwear returned in envelopes or other soft packaging may be damaged, its cup may be wrinkled, broken, and may become unsold.)
the customer information label is not cut off,
the stitched care labels are not cut out.

In all other cases, the replacement will be refused and the product will be returned. to the buyer.

↪️ By using the free replacement service, you can change a product purchased in our webshop that is not good in size or shape for another product that can be ordered in our webshop! In the case of a swimsuit, if only the bottom or the top has not been good: you can also change the bottom or the top of the swimsuit separately, for a surcharge. read more: OUTLET MIX & MATCH MENU ITEM
↪️ The rules of the free replacement service may change in the case of certain promotions according to the promotion policy!


➡️ Order a new product of the right size for you, then when the order is finalized, write in the comment box that REPLACE and the 9-letter ID of your original order!
➡️ Repack the product to be replaced in the box provided (or in a box of appropriate size and strength) and return it to our address! Address: Origami-Bikini Kft. Hungary, 6729 Szeged, Szabadkai út 89. Important: send it directly to our address!
➡️ In case of product replacement, only return the product to be replaced, the received gifts and promotions may remain with you!
➡️ Coupons can only be used for new orders, so pls. DO NOT USE YOUR COUPONS WHILE PLACING A REPLACEMENT ORDER! The essence of placing a replacement order is to reserve the new product from our stock at the given selling price, so we do not take the entered coupons into account when calculating the replacement value.


↪️ The replacement value of the swimsuit to be replaced is always the amount without shipping costs paid by you: as much as the swimsuit itself. This also applies if the product to be replaced has additional discount, e.g. you also got a coupon discount and so you paid even less for the product.
↪️ If you choose a more expensive product in total, you can settle the difference by transfer in advance, and if it is cheaper, we will refund the difference. In this case, please send us your bank account number, where we can return the difference!
↪️ The method of calculating the replacement value of goods ordered with a quantity discount (e.g. 1+1=3 promotion) differs from the above, which is included in the rules of the given promotion.