Find the bikini that really suits you!

Every shape is bikini shape, all you really need is two things: your shape and a bikini! :) Origami bikinis are designed so that women and girls with different shapes, hair, skin can all find the pieces that really fit them.

Origami offers you not only a bikini, but also confidence, whether you are sexy, sporty or just a classic type.
Feel wonderful on the beach!

What extra features can a swimsuit have?

There is no question that everyone is looking for a matching bikini, which is of course both fashionable and stylish. However, there are also extra features in a bikini that can add a lot to the wearing experience, in addition to being pretty. Examples are…

➡️ Adjustable straps: It is important to be able to adjust the bikini comfortably. Of course, this can be just as important at the bottom.

➡️ The body-shaping effect: no one wants to crawl on the shore with their bellies constantly tucked in: the beach, the holiday is a time of freedom! At Origami, it’s no coincidence that we also make bikinis that have a higher waistline to help shape the belly while still not being uncomfortable or tight.

➡️ The use of high quality materials: if you pay attention to it according to the instructions, Origami bikini will serve for several seasons without fluff, stretching out, fading.

And let’s get the answers to the big question: what kind of bikini to buy this year?

1. A classic bikini that shouldn’t be missed in your wardrobe

This year, too, it’s worth putting your vote down with at least one bikini that has a classic line-up that can be kind of a timeless piece. The triangular tops are just like this, like the panties!

➡️ This year, we also made a number of triangular-style Origami Bikinis from a special, ribbed material that makes even the biggest classics special.

➡️ And for several bikinis, we’ve dreamed up extra details that certainly won’t come in front of you on the shelves of fast-fashion stores.

Push-up, bottom-up binding triangular bikini in seductive red color:

We've made classic black even more exciting with shiny-beige tulle details:

2. Sporty bikini for swimming, beach sledding, adventure

If you’re a true perpetual motion type - whether by default or because of your baby - look around for the sportier Origami Bikinis! With us, as you may be used to, these are not just plain swimsuits, they always have a little stylish extra in them;)

➡️ Coral has been a big favorite of Origami girls for years and keeps you in fashion without explosion - we heartily recommend you the fresh, vibrant shade!

➡️ If you are looking for a one-piece swimsuit for a busy holiday, don't get caught up in a plain, sporty swimsuit! Comfort also comes from Origami, but you can also be really sexy on the beach in our special one-pieces.

Black & neon coral triangular bikini with exciting tulle details:

Comfortable and stylish Origami Bikini for feminine shape too:

Black one-piece swimsuit with sexy mesh details and cross strap:

3. Feminine bikinis in all quantities

Regardless of body shape, hair color, skin tone, every woman needs at least 1 - but more :) - bikini in which she feels really attractive. Therefore, the outstandingly feminine pieces from the Origami 2022 collection, which are also available for fuller shapes, could not be left out.

➡️ You don’t have to give up on a colorful, stylish, patterned, vibrant swimsuit with feminine shapes, richer breasts or wider hips.

➡️ These Origami Bikinis provide proper support for your breasts and their adjustable straps make them even more comfortable to make you feel confident at all times.

Petrol green tropical patterned bikini with high waist panties:

Colorful aztec patterned bikini with high waist panties on a black background:

4. Mini Me swimwear for mother-daughter couples

If there’s one thing that really never goes out of style, it’s that mother-daughter dress-up! It could be incredibly cute and stylish to take the waterfront or hotel pool in a similar bikini with your daughter. Of course, at Origami, we are also big fans of mother-daughter dressing, so we made the right pieces for you again this year!

In black-white-pink combination for your daughter:

And for you in black and white, with a bandeau bra:

Black + neon pink with geometric patterns for your daughter:

And a triangle bikini with the same pattern for you:

5. Get a really sexy, brilliant bikini in 2022!

In 2022, the terrain will be absolutely skin-glowing, even in the world of bikinis. If you love these sexy pieces in your wardrobe, then such a swimsuit is sure to make a wonderful use of you. Moreover, since these pieces not only embody a summer atmosphere, you can be stylish in them even during a winter wellness… :)

Black shiny bikini with triangular top:

Metallic shiny sand coloured bandeau bikini top:

+ Extras with your bikini for complete beach outfit and comfort

In addition to swimwear, we also think about extras every year. Of these, our huge favorites are beachwear, in which you can feel beautiful and comfortable even during a full day at the beach. You can easily sit in a restaurant in them, walk from the apartment to the beach; but even in the hotel pool you can go for a swim down in style.

Lightweight material, airy look and 100% Origami:

Mediterranean atmosphere with crochet design:

Elegant beach dress with beautiful floral patterns:

Bikini that can be changed at any time

A plain black bikini bottom fits almost any top, so we make you in different styles every year with black Origami Bikini panties :) So with one top you can have two bikinis at once!

Normal bikini bottom:

French style bikini bottom:

Origami Bikini

Origami Bikini is a fashion brand specializing in designing unique and stylish swimwear. Its founders and creative leaders drew inspiration from their passion for fashion and swimwear to create a brand where traditional and creative solutions meet.

Origami Bikini collections are built on the latest fashion trends, combining modern design with elegance and comfort. The distinctive solutions, details, and cut-outs give the swimwear a unique line and an attractive appearance.

The goal of Origami Bikini is to make every woman feel confident and stylish at the beach. Women who identify with the brand achieve a unique and appealing look with Origami Bikini's exclusive collections, standing out from the crowd.

Origami Bikini is committed to offering high-quality swimwear that excels in durability and comfort. The brand's popularity and recognition continue to grow among fashion enthusiasts and those interested in stylish swimwear.

Origami Bikini has become a brand that satisfies the desire for fashion and uniqueness. It provides an opportunity for women to express their individual style and confidence at the beach or poolside.

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