Are you looking for a dream bikini that suits you in every respect?

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In addition to the summer season, it is important for every season to have at least one - or rather two to three - cool bikini that you can move around comfortably and use for that purpose. What does the cool bikini mean? Be sure to be comfortable, fit to your shape, and you're confident. Let's see what you need to find this bikini!The super bikini is fit to your body type, but that's not all.

We have already written about what bikini fit for some types of body shapes - for example, a pear can have a bandeau bra while a apple is an ideal choice for a triangle top. These rules are generally worth taking into consideration, but the Origami Bikini ultimately depends on you. Your specific proportions, but for example your personality traits, can be a part of it, and finally, what bathing suit can you say: yes, this is my favorite!

The purpose of bikini…

You may need a bikini in several places, let's see what pieces you should choose in each case!

Origami-bikini wellnesshotelbe

In a simple wellness hotel

if you love to sauna, you should definitely take two parts to sweat properly, and choose a jacket that would be less regrettable because it can have a bad effect on fine material bikinis.

If you like swimming or maybe you can go swimming with your seedlings in aquaparks, you can choose one or two. However, it is important to keep your breasts well and the panties are comfortable, whether they are high-heeled, clenched. Be sure to prepare in the thermal pool with a dark piece of water to keep the swimsuit material and sponge as little as possible.

Origami-bikini wellnesshotelbe

For lake or beach relaxation, sunbathing,

 take a piece that you can easily and nicely tan, or you can even remove your straps. However, if you reinforce a reading camp in the SPF50 shade and shade, this rule is not important to you!

Origami-bikini wellnesshotelbe

In the case of luxury hotel timing, pool parties

 it is obvious that it is a nice, striking, special piece. For such a set, you may want to take a piece of glittering material, possibly with decoration, plus a hot beach suit!

The right size of bikini

The basis of comfort and confidence is that you enjoy the water and sunlight in the right size bathing suit. Many people do not know their size, so they dare not to order a bikini over the internet - but we are ending it!

It's very easy to calculate what size bathing suit you need.

Grab a cent, measure your hip size, then divide it by 2.54.

Round the resulting value to the nearest even number - and this will be your bikini line size. For example, for a 96 cm hip circumference: 96: 2.54 = 37.79 -> the lower size is 38! ...

of course, that in many cases the lower adjustable side is made with binders so you can adjust it to size.

Be sure to use braids from the bra of any size you wear. In the case of Origami Bikinis, otherwise, it is not a problem if the piece ordered is not accurate:

since almost all of our tops are all bound or banged on their back,

their shoulder and neck straps can also be adjusted and / or bound,

in many cases, you can remove the shape basket so that you can adjust everything comfortably!

Is it a difficult decision? Trust your breasts!

Bikini Offers by Size - What Origami Bikini to Choose for Your Breast Size?

  • For example, for smaller breasts, or for basket A, B, we recommend these pieces as well: Push-up bikinis
  • For normal breasts, B, C basket, be sure to look around: Sporty and Bandeau
  • Do you wear D bra? These bikinis are hot, yet comfortable and provide a good fit: Extra cup size

Of course, these are all deals - choose what really suits you!

What you will never forget: the comfortable and pretty bikini is very important, but it will make your confident smile brilliant!

Need a different bra and underwear size?

Origami Bikini

Origami Bikini is a fashion brand specializing in designing unique and stylish swimwear. Its founders and creative leaders drew inspiration from their passion for fashion and swimwear to create a brand where traditional and creative solutions meet.

Origami Bikini collections are built on the latest fashion trends, combining modern design with elegance and comfort. The distinctive solutions, details, and cut-outs give the swimwear a unique line and an attractive appearance.

The goal of Origami Bikini is to make every woman feel confident and stylish at the beach. Women who identify with the brand achieve a unique and appealing look with Origami Bikini's exclusive collections, standing out from the crowd.

Origami Bikini is committed to offering high-quality swimwear that excels in durability and comfort. The brand's popularity and recognition continue to grow among fashion enthusiasts and those interested in stylish swimwear.

Origami Bikini has become a brand that satisfies the desire for fashion and uniqueness. It provides an opportunity for women to express their individual style and confidence at the beach or poolside.

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