Spaghetti strap, 40 cm, 1 pcs, ACR-002 Origami...

Spaghetti strap, 40 cm, 1 pcs, ACR-002 Origami Bikini

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Origami 40cm lenght spaghetti straps for swimwear can be ordered separately.

You can use it to:

➡️Replace your existing spaghetti strap if it is worn or short and needs longer.

     ↪️eg. replacement of side straps for bikini bottoms.

➡️Bikini tops with buckle at the back to extend the back strap if it is tight:

❗❗WATCH OUT !! First of all, make sure that the bra itself will be good, because withdrawal for ordered newly bikinis cannot be validated after the conversion!

↪️Cut off the buckle with a pliers (be careful not to damage the material),
↪️thread the strap through the folds,
↪️Tie a knot at the ends and cut off the excess outside the knot.
↪️When first triing, tie to size (knot or bow)!
↪️Your bra can be pull up after it.

➡️Measure whether a strap length of 40 cm is enough! If you need more: you can find 60 cm here ▶ ️ click.


➡️40 cm in length (+ -1 cm)
➡️appr. 6mm thick.
➡️Sewing is not visible.
➡️With rubber insert
➡️in different colors.

➡️The price is for 1 piece.

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Turquise blue

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Raw material composition:

Material: 85% Polyester 15% Elastane
Rubber: PU

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