To achieve a bikini body, all you need is yourself and a fabulous Origami Bikini! We believe there's a swimsuit out there for every woman that truly belongs to her... Year after year, we create our latest bikini collections to ensure you find the piece that makes you feel beautiful, catering to all shapes, skin tones, and hair colors!

Origami Bikini's mission in 2024 remains to ensure you feel confident and radiant on the beach, whether you're looking for a new bikini or a complete set complemented by beachwear.

As in previous years, this year also sees a special focus on decorative solutions without compromising on comfort.

The 2024 bikini trends are waiting just for you!

Before we dive into the latest bikini trends in more detail, it's important for you to know these key points about Origami Bikini's collection this year:

Shaping swimsuit, push-up bikini

In this year's collection, you'll find several pieces specifically designed with body-shaping features. We've introduced new items with both removable padding and push-up styles, and we couldn't leave out bikini bottoms with adjustable waist height and ruched backs.

Securely fitting bikini tops

Just like every year, this year too we've designed bikini tops specifically for fuller busts. These pieces provide confident support at the beach, whether you're engaging in sports or playing with the little ones, while also being fashionable and stylish. And for those returning, you'll once again find comfortable yet stylish tankinis in our collection!

Adjustable straps

For both bikini bottoms and tops, we've ensured that they can be comfortably adjusted to fit you. The straps allow for about half a size adjustment through either adjustable solutions or ties. For bandeau bikini tops, you even have the option to remove the bra straps.

Excellent material use

When designing the Origami Bikini collections, we place a high importance not only on the styles and decorative appearance but also on the quality of materials. By using and caring for your bikini according to the instructions, you can wear it confidently for several seasons without worrying about pilling, fading, or stretching!

What bikini should I buy? Go for trendy colors, comfortable cuts, and eye-catching beach sets.

The 2024 bikini trends are marked by feminine cuts, striking accessories, and a classic color scheme. You will find fewer patterned swimsuits and more solid-color bikinis in this year's Origami Bikinis collection, thanks to the decorations and special materials used, making it one of our most creative collections yet!

Trendy bikini styles for every body type: shine in your Origami Bikini at the beach!

Classic tie-side triangle bikini

The triangle-shaped bikini never goes out of fashion, which we hardly mind! These pieces allow for flexible adjustments to fit comfortably thanks to their tie-up designs. A triangle bikini suits any body type well, but depending on your bust size, it's worth considering which specific style to choose.

...And you'll find many more pieces like this in the full collection.

But there's life beyond the triangle-shaped bikini too!

The bandeau style is specifically designed for those who appreciate a bikini top that securely supports medium-sized busts, but it can also be ideal for smaller busts with its feminine style that accentuates the breasts. Additionally, we have prepared classic bra styles this year, just as in previous years, because for fuller busts, these solutions are still among the most reliable, featuring underwire and Origami-shaped cups.

Adjustable strap, classic, and shaping bikini bottoms - complete comfort in the water and on the beach.

The latest bikini trends focus on comfort and confidence, offering a variety of styles to find the ideal bikini bottom for any body type. Whether you're aiming for stylish sunbathing or having fun at the water park with the kids, we've prepared stylish and comfortable pieces for you.

Adjust to your preference: tie-side or slim, with adjustable straps bikini bottoms, such as:


...And you'll find many more pieces like this in the full collection.

Bikini styles and trends in 2024: sophisticated color schemes and plenty of sparkle

Classically stylish solid-color Origami Bikini

Red, black, and white forever hold the top spots on the podium... However, this year, shades of blue are also staking their rightful claim among bikini trends, just like the sleek olive green and fresh pastels.

Fans of brighter colors need not worry: although neon trends are bidding farewell this year, the vibrant shades of pink, turquoise, and emerald green have made their arrival among bikini trends!

1. The trendiest bikinis in 2024

2. This year's favorite blacks

4. Vivid-colored bikinis for truly vibrant women.

Patterned bikinis: elegant solutions with classic patterns

If you prefer patterned bikinis over solid colors, you can rejoice in several big comebacks among the 2024 bikini trends!

What's taking the 2024 bikini trends by storm: the jewel-embellished bikini.

Shine on the beach in these magical Origami Bikinis! Choose from cool and soft solutions, both eye-catching and discreet jeweled bikinis... Because, you know: when designing Origami Bikinis, we strive to ensure that EVERYONE finds the bikini that suits them!

One-piece Origami swimsuits: Trends of 2024

Among one-piece swimsuits, it's clear that our customers primarily look for black ones, so this year we've prepared truly classic pieces. Naturally, just as before, we've enhanced the one-piece Origami swimsuits with elegant and stylish details to avoid the swimsuit-dress effect!

Origami Kids: comfortable and charming little girl bikinis

Of course, we have prepared a children's bikini collection this year as well! Here you will find not only pieces specifically designed for the little ones, but also "Mommy and Me" bikinis if you want to match on the beach!

Mom and Me: Ibiza Bikinis for the Two of You


Full Origami Bikini outfit even in 2024.

By 2024, it's no longer a question of whether you're walking along the beach in stylish beachwear or with a towel wrapped around your waist...! An essential accessory for the summer has become not only the bikini but also the airy, lightweight, and attractive beach dress.

As soon as you put it on, you can confidently sit down to eat or drink something, and of course, you'll look wonderful in your chic beach dress in vacation photos! Moreover, it serves you well beyond the waterfront, especially if you're not in the mood to wander around in cumbersome hotel robes during a wellness weekend.

Looking for a separate bikini bottom?

Change the wet bottoms for dry ones, try out a different style, or create an extra bikini set! The material of all Origami Bikini matches that of the separate bottoms, so feel free to choose the comfortable "extra" Origami bottoms you like.

Shall we meet up at the beach?

Origami Bikini 2024, bikini trends, top bikini styles, one-piece swimsuits and beachwear

Origami Bikini

Origami Bikini is a fashion brand specializing in designing unique and stylish swimwear. Its founders and creative leaders drew inspiration from their passion for fashion and swimwear to create a brand where traditional and creative solutions meet.

Origami Bikini collections are built on the latest fashion trends, combining modern design with elegance and comfort. The distinctive solutions, details, and cut-outs give the swimwear a unique line and an attractive appearance.

The goal of Origami Bikini is to make every woman feel confident and stylish at the beach. Women who identify with the brand achieve a unique and appealing look with Origami Bikini's exclusive collections, standing out from the crowd.

Origami Bikini is committed to offering high-quality swimwear that excels in durability and comfort. The brand's popularity and recognition continue to grow among fashion enthusiasts and those interested in stylish swimwear.

Origami Bikini has become a brand that satisfies the desire for fashion and uniqueness. It provides an opportunity for women to express their individual style and confidence at the beach or poolside.

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